This trip is not about creature comforts.

It’s a challenge, and it’ll be dirty, dusty, maybe muddy, and tough. But it’s going to be an amazing experience and something that you’ll remember forever. We will be camping at all but the last location, so you’ll need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and mattress or swag.

20th - 24th OCTOBER


The four nights during the event will see participants experience an array of camping venues, from sleeping rough in the bush or tenting somewhere. Participants will enjoy the friendship of nature and each other’s company, we’ll provide you with the camping details soon after you’ve signed up.

During the adventure, we’ll organize all of your meals Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. (refreshments not provided). Camping locations will be the highlight of the event.


Before we start, you’ll receive an itinerary with a list of what we’ll be doing at each place and any costs you need to factor in, which should be minimal. You’ll get plenty of advanced notice before departure for you to prepare for little surprises that may challenge your team.

Each two-person team (per vehicle) needs to raise a minimum of $2,000 (but hopefully a lot more) to participate in the rally. As there are two of you, it’s only $1,000 each. Plus $600 per participant, which covers meals and camping expenses during the 5 day experience.

per person

Team = 2 drivers + 1 car


All teams are encouraged to raise much needed funds to help offset the vehicle registration fee of $2,000 each.

So, start badgering your friends, work colleagues, and family, and brainstorm some fun ways to boost your fundraising.

Fundraising Ideas


We respect that the teams put a remarkable effort into fundraising, so we want to keep the costs to participants down as much as we can. We have worked hard to keep any other expenses to a minimum. The registration fee goes towards all your rally merchandise, support and important safety items.

Each team is made up of two drivers and one car.

This is because we may need all the extra room we can get for passengers of machines that don’t manage the entire journey. We’re only able to take a certain number of people on the journey, so by keeping to only two people per team, we can get more teams into the rally.


No, it’s not a race, but yes, you can win. Prizes are awarded at the end of the run. The main prize, or first place if you’re competitive, will be judged on a range of factors, including how hopeless your car is, how much you’ve embodied the event spirit, and how much money your team raised. There’s also likely to be a number of other undisclosed factors that the Dirt n Dust Director will generally make up as the duel unfolds.

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